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Vol. 2, No 1, 2009

Adam Płachciak

University of Economics in Wroclaw

Faculty of Regional Economy and Tourism in Jelenia Gora

Sustainable Development – the Way of Building Just Society


ABSTRACT.Human use of the environment often gives us a presupposition that the Earth and its resources play only instrumental value in our lives.  Generally the biggest global threads, which occurred at the end of XX century, are rooted in bigger accumulation of  antropopression on natural environment, unsatisfied needs of meaningful number of people, wider destabilization of natural and socio-economical systems. Discussion around those escalated threads and the model of a new modern global development brought up the conception of the sustainable development. A big impact on the idea of sustainable development came from Gro Brundland  Raport in 1987. One of the most meaningful purpose of sustainable development is to build society where the rights of the individuals are free from “political bargaining”  and protected from “the calculations of social institutions”. The World order in social, economical and environmental spheres became unquestionable necessity

Received: October, 2008

1st Revision: January, 2009

Accepted: March, 2009

JEL Classification: Q01, Q5, A13

Keywords: sustainable development, environment, social justice, present and furure generations