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Vol. 2, No 1, 2009

Dainora Grundey

Kaunas Faculty of Humanities, Vilnius University

Muitinės g. 8, 44280 Kaunas, Lithuania

Developing Business Partnership on the Basis of Internal Marketing


Ingrida Daugėlaitė

Kaunas Faculty of Humanities, Vilnius University,

Muitines g. 8, Kaunas LT 44280, Lithuania;

ABSTRACT.Internal marketing is approached to as the key and critical factor influencing success of the external marketing, because thanks to the employees and internal environment, the companies can better satisfy expectations of the users as well as current and prospective partners. In this case we can think about implementation and development of business partnership by using coherence between marketing and relationship marketing and efficient implementation of motivation, screening and promotion or employees and planning within the organization. Partnership primarily requires not only flexible, strong and continuous relationship, which is a key factor for beneficial cooperation, but also constant linkage of the both partners’ know-how, competence, successful motivation, and search for new partners to obtain competitive advantage against other companies. Therefore, the present article reveals innovative approach to business partnership development by employing elements of the relations and internal marketing. Besides, the article proposes a presumptive multi-criteria model.

Received: December, 2008

1st Revision: January, 2009

Accepted: March, 2009

JEL Classification: M1, M12, M31

Keywords:: internal marketing, personnel management, business partnership, relationship marketing