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The Public Handshake, the Pushed Gossip and the Healthcare Marketing

Vol. 6, No 2, 2013

Maurice Codorey

Stadtspital Waid Directorate Support

Tièchestrasse 99, 8037



The public handshake, the pushed gossip and the healthcare marketing



ABSTRACT. Healthcare Marketing for a hospital is challenged by the new tariff system SwissDRG. An ongoing trial in Switzerland shows the idea and effect of viral marketing. The development of a public handshake/pushed gossip strategy is based on the theories of nudge (shift public opinion), constructivistic didactic (provide learning environment) and municipal intelligence (educate community). To be questionized is the bonding from a public hospital to its neighbourhood. With two instruments – teddy clinic for plush pets and kids as a simulated hospital treatment – and Waidfokus+ a series of public presentations about non-medical issues – the deliberately element of disturbance – as the hospital has no children award and is known for its public presentations about medical issues only – is the object of a practical research. The findings provide a first piece of knowledge that “unlogical” activities attract neighbours never been to the hospital before as well as former patients.


Received: January, 2013

1st Revision: July, 2013

Accepted: September, 2013







JEL Classification: I, I1, I11

Keywords: healthcare marketing, nudge, constructivistic didactic, Teddy-Klinik, Stadtspital Waid.