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Vol. 2, No 1a, 2009


Condition of Red Meat

 Sector in Poland

after Accession to the EU


Robert Mroczek


Abstract. The report is focused on presenting two closely related links in the food chain, that is red meat production sphere – pork and beef and processing sphere. Common Agricultural Policy affects pork and beef market in Poland to a small extent, despite the fact that it has a wide range of instruments. Removal of tariff barriers after Poland’s accession to EU in May 2004 increased pork and beef trade with Member States, which mainly resulted from our pricing advantages - both on the side of the producers and processors.  Meat and meat products export to EU expanded market would not be possible without meeting particular production standards by slaughterhouses, meat processing and cutting plants. It required from entities carrying out necessary investments, owing to which there are plants in Poland which belong to the most modern in Europe. Producers of live bovine animals benefited from Poland’s accession to EU, for its prices after 2004 started to increase, thus regress in rearing bovine animals for slaughter in Poland has been restricted.


Keywords: red meat sector, live bovine and live pig producers, European Union, agriculture, processing.


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dr inż. Robert Mroczek

Institute of Agricultural and Food Economics - National Research Institute 

ul. Świętokrzyska 20

00-002 Warszawa, Poland