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Social Support of Young Adults in the Light of Trust

Vol. 10, No 2, 2017

Kornélia Lazányi,


University Óbuda University,
Hungary, Budapest,


Social Support of Young Adults in the Light of Trust





Abstract. Being lonely is not only uncomfortable, but has its negative psychological, as well as physio-somatic side-effects. Therefore, it is important to be surrounded by peers, what is more, significant others, who provide support and through this create social capital for the individual. Humans are social beings; hence, social support has many forms and each is important in some way or another for individual’s well-being and satisfaction with life. The paper endeavours to present the social capital of young adults in higher education, where the phase of leaving the parental home might heavily affect the perceived extent and strength of social support. The author aims to explore the notion of embeddedness and its variability across age, gender and in relation to the respondents’ family status. In the research presented trust is also investigated as the essence of social support.


Received: December, 2016

1st Revision: March, 2017

Accepted: June, 2017


DOI: 10.14254/2071- 789X.2017/10-2/10

JEL Classification: A13, A14

Keywords: social support, HEI, trust, young adults, family.