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On Measuring Place Brand Effectiveness – between Theoretical Developments and Empirical Findings

Vol. 11, No 2, 2018

Marta Hereźniak,


University of Lodz,

Lódź, Poland,


On Measuring Place Brand Effectiveness – between Theoretical Developments and Empirical Findings


Magdalena Florek,


Poznan University of Economics and Business, 

Poznań, Poland,


Anna Augustyn,


University of Białystok,

Białystok, Poland,




Abstract. The aim of the paper is to provide an analysis of effectiveness indicators of city brand strategies drawing from the practices of 66 Polish district cities. The authors attempt to categorize the existing indicators and approaches to the evaluation of place brand effectiveness and identify potential gaps in measurement systems. Content analysis of strategic documents was performed in order to determine the perspectives applied to the practice of effectiveness measurement. The results were subsequently juxtaposed with selected theoretical constructs relevant for brand strategy effectiveness measurement, including a place brand equity model and logic framework. The measurement of place brand performance as such is often neglected by public authorities and brand consultancies alike. In the meantime, a wide range of indicators needs to be developed in order to mirror the breadth and depth of the impact of place brands on the realities of places. Following an up-to-date analysis of the literature and practices of Polish district cities, the authors conclude that the currently employed measurements of the effectiveness of city branding are not sufficient to evaluate the outputs, outcomes, and impacts of city brand strategies. Furthermore, they propose their own approach to how the indicators should be structured to perform a sound verification function over the branding practices of territorial entities.


Received: December, 2017

1st Revision: February, 2018

Accepted: May, 2018


DOI: 10.14254/2071-789X.2018/11-2/3

JEL ClassificationM31

Keywords: city branding; city brand effectiveness; city brand performance measurement; Polish district cities