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Seniors’ revealed preferences in the housing market in Poznań

Vol. 12, No 1, 2019

Justyna Tanaś,


University of Gdańsk,

Gdańsk, Poland,


Seniors’ revealed preferences in the housing market in Poznań


Maria Trojanek,


WSB University in Poznań,

Poznań, Poland,


Radosław Trojanek,


Poznań University of Economics and Business,

Poznań, Poland,





Abstract. Demographic changes, manifested in the ageing of society are one of the significant challenges of contemporary Europe. As senior citizens will represent the increasingly large part of the society, it seems necessary to look more broadly at the needs of this group. What is one of the fundamental needs of every human being is the need of accommodation. The existing body of literature does not provide a sufficient number of studies of seniors’ housing needs. Most Polish studies concerning the characteristics of this group of buyers and their preferences regarding the housing market are qualitative. They are usually purposive sample surveys the purpose of which is to identify the profile and preferences of prospective buyers. In most cases, they concern seniors’ preferences regarding new housing products (so-called senior housing). In this paper, we undertook to identify senior buyers’ revealed preferences in the secondary housing market in Poznań. To this end, we collected information on transactions concluded in the abovementioned market in the years 2010-2016. The base was supplemented with data from land and mortgage registers (information about the gender and age of buyers, and the method of financing the purchase of a property), data from the Register of Land and Buildings and with the use of Google Street View. In different sections of the paper, we included an overview of literature concerning methods of the analysis of consumer preferences and studies of housing preferences, we discussed research methods and sources of data, and finally, we presented the research findings and conclusions.


Received: November, 2017

1st Revision: March, 2018

Accepted: October, 2018


DOI: 10.14254/2071-789X.2019/12-1/22

JEL ClassificationR31

Keywords: buyers' preferences, housing market, seniors’ preferences, revealed vs stated preferences