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Central European version of Counterproductive Work Behavior Checklist (CWB-C PL)

Vol. 15, No 2, 2022

Dawid Szostek


Nicolaus Copernicus University,

Toruń, Poland


ORCID 0000-0001-6743-854X


Central European version of Counterproductive Work Behavior Checklist (CWB-C PL)




Abstract. The purpose of the article is to validate the 45-item scale called Counterproductive Work Behavior Checklist (CWB-C) proposed by Spector et al. (2006) and adapt it to Central European cultural conditions. The research objectives are met using a set of measuring methods, namely focus group interviews, observations and a survey among 1,351 professionally active people in Poland. Data factor analysis is applied to examine the survey. The proposed modified and validated scale to measure CWBs is adapted to Central European cultural conditions. It has 35 items; 30 items are taken from the original CWB-C scale. The elements on the scale can be divided according to the target of such behavior, i.e., directed at the organization or other people. The items can be also divided into subjective categories, namely abuse against others, sabotage, theft and withdrawal. In the case of the second categorization, the original category 'production deviance' proposed by Spector et al. (2006) is eliminated. The proposed scale is characterized by good measures of fit for the 4-factor model.


Received: July, 2021

1st Revision: March, 2022

Accepted: May, 2022


DOI: 10.14254/2071-789X.2022/15-2/5

JEL ClassificationM12, M54

Keywords: counterproductive work behavior checklist, Central European version of CWB-C