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Impact of gender and age on susceptibility to persuasion principles in advertisement

Vol. 15, No 3, 2022

Lyubomira Spasova


Trakia University,

Stara Zagora, Bulgaria



Impact of gender and age on susceptibility to persuasion principles in advertisement




Abstract. This investigation has two aims: to study the susceptibility of young consumers to persuasion principles of Cialdini and to identify which principles achieve a powerful effect of memory through advertising in consumers of different genders and ages. The instrument used is the adapted and modified STPS questionnaire, developed by Kaptein el at., as well as the subjective judgments of respondents about the degree to which they remember advertisements based on persuasion principles. The results of the regression analysis show that social proof is the only principle of persuasion whose persuasive power does not correspond to that of three principles: principle of reciprocity, principle of commitment and consistency and principle of unity. Practical application of principle of commitment and consistency and principle of reciprocity is more persuasive in uniform advertising when gender and age characteristics of the target groups are not taken into account. The causal link between the principle of social proof and memorization of advertising is established, where persuasion is done in a peripheral route, although consumers are susceptible to other principles. Ranking of the principles has established that the principle of commitment and consistency achieves greatest effectiveness in both genders, while the principle of reciprocity is most effective for women and the principle of authority - for men. Regarding the age groups, the following principles are observed: 18 to 20 - principle of social proof; 21 to 24 - principle of unity, and 25 to 35 - principle of commitment and consistency. Different consumer susceptibility to persuasion can be achieved in the studied age groups on a peripheral route with higher efficiency in women. This study is useful for organizations that offer different products and services through advertising. 


Received: November, 2021

1st Revision: June, 2022

Accepted: September, 2022


DOI: 10.14254/2071-789X.2022/15-3/5

JEL ClassificationD20, M31, M37

Keywords: persuasion principles, advertising influence, STPS, advertisements in Bulgaria