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Home-based telework: aspects of communication. Evidence from Hungary

Vol. 16, No 3, 2023

Márta Konczos Szombathelyi


Széchenyi István University of Győr, Hungary


ORCID 0000-0001-5248-7752


Home-based telework: aspects of communication. Evidence from Hungary


Ágnes Borgulya


University of Pécs, Hungary


Gábor Balogh


University of Pécs, Hungary



Abstract. This paper examines the communication aspect of Home-Based Telework (HBT). The aim of this study is to focus on internal organizational communication from the perspective of occupation and time spent in HBT by answering two research questions. Firstly, how does the occupation influence the perception of organizational communication and the attitude towards remote work? Secondly, does the evaluation of communication within the organization change according to the employees' judgment, depending on the time spent in HBT? During the research, a systematic literature review related to HBT was carried out. Moreover, an anonymous online questionnaire survey was conducted in four occupational groups, on a sample of 1,100 people. The results show that there are significant differences related to the perception of communication between groups that can be distinguished based on occupations and time. The conclusions drawn from the results can serve as a reference point both for the researchers of the topic and for those company managers who prepare and organize the permanent introduction of HBT.


Received: October, 2022

1st Revision: August, 2023

Accepted: September, 2023


DOI: 10.14254/2071-789X.2023/16-3/10

JEL ClassificationM1

Keywords: home based telework (HBT); intern corporate communication; influence of the profession and time spent in HBT